So confused

Been having electric shock pain in tongue, lower jaw for the last month. Went to dentist, to oral surgeon, to Neuro. MRI with contrast shows a normal trigemigal nerve. Don’t understand where this pain can be coming from. They told me to go back to oral surgeon who found nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? I did have a root canal but that was almost 7 months ago.
Ps I was put on oxcarbazepine ( Trileptal ) and OMG my heart would not stop racing. I have sleeped maybe an hour!

You need to go to a NEUROLOGIST.........preferrably one who knows about TN, because THAT is what TN feels like. I am on carbamazepine, which is a relative of the drug you are on. I have done fine on it except being tired, forgetful, etc.... Good luck hun!

Definitely need to go to a neuro who knows about TN. My first MRI 3.5 years ago when diagnosed showed nothing wrong with my trigeminal nerve, however as I responded to tegretol, all signs were TN. My most recent MRI before my MVD surgery showed compression of the nerve. Funny how the first MRI didn’t… The electric shock pain sounds like TN. You should find a good neurologist.

Thank you. I have an appt next week with a teaching hospital. I tried Trileptal which I believe is the newer version of Tegretol , suppose to have less side effects and I got very sick on it. I’m very medicine sensitive. @ Gen, was your first MRI done with contrast? And where was your pain?

Hi SMS. not all MRI procedures show TN.Go to the search box in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Type in "MRI types" and you'll find interesting info. Also, I think you'll get valuable response on this thread. Ah, the mystery of TN. Someday soon,they'll stick a chip in our head and the misery will disappear

Hi Susan, to be honest, I can't remember if it was with contrast or not (I have had so many tests/scans/MRI on different parts of my body over the last few years, so cannot remember). I have a feeling it was though. My TN was on my right side of the face, lower jaw, feeling like teeth pain, with the usual TN zaps/electric shock jabs. I was OK and well-medicated on Carbamezapine for 3 years until December when I started to have spasms which would last for up to a minute at a time. I hope you do OK and find something that works for you.

Yup! But the MRI showed a loop, just not touching the nerve. It had trashed my 9th Cranial nerve (the one that is part of your tongue,throat,jaw). Guaranteed its there pounding on top of your nerve. Have you doctor try you on GAPAPENTIN. Thats supposed to be most responsive to this per my surgeon. It simmered my pain but by the time I saw him and was tried on the Gapapentin, my nerve was like raw electrical wire so nothing was going to calm it.