Sleep Straight Up & Down

So I think my body thinks I'm a baby now. My days & nights are mixed up and I'm eating pureed food. Sounds pretty baby-like to me. Annoying. Anyway, when I try to lie down at night, my jaw just starts burning & throbbing & pretty much cannot handle it. So I've tried propping myself up to get some/if any sleep at night. This is getting ridiculous! Anyone have any suggestions for sleep, HELP! This is all after I take morphine & xanax at bedtime.

The past few days have gone good, ok, good. I don't know it's fine, ish....but I can't sleep. See previous paragraph. I have the normal TN2 symptoms which I've never had up until this last attack, Aug 20, along with TN1 symptoms which have calmed down quite a bit the last 2 weeks, so that's awesome! Good News.

I've tried attending a few of my kids' activities. Thursday went to my daughter's Volleyball game, they won in 2 matches, and I was OUTTA there! So fun to see them play but I was hurting. Today I brought my son to his Football game. His team kicks butt, and they are now 3-0 for the year and 15-0 over the past 3 years! Pretty exciting for a 10 year old! Of course, the hubby has been gone for the last few days on his "mancation" that he takes every year. So, I've had less dishes, laundry & the kids have actually stepped up and acted normal! All in all it was a great week...ish....

I saw my Upper Cervical Health Care Dr twice this week. Monday he adjusted me in 2 areas. Scans looked kinda crappy. Friday scans looked better and he decided to NOT make any adjustments. I got all of my short term disability paperwork filled out by me & my 5 doctors I've seen for my TN, and got that mailed in. Also, on Monday, got the scary call from Mayo Clinic, that they wanted all of my doctors records faxed to them ASAP, so I had to round all of that stuff up too, and get it all faxed off. Now the waiting time happens. Will they accept me or deny me? We shall see. My pain is currently 80% better than it was 1 month ago. However, my PCP, my husband & I all decided that if I get accepted into Mayo, regardless of my pain, I'm going to Mayo to get checked out and get everything figured out.

This coming week, I will see my UCHC Dr again once for sure (he's on vacation next week, so that scares me), and then I'm going to TRY to go to work for a few hours on Tues & Wednesday, and see how that goes. I can't talk much yet, as it is a huge trigger, the more I talk, the more I hurt & suffer. So, I'll have to take it day by day.

Praying for all my TN friends & keeping you all in my prayers. I recently read a book about a gal who had TN. I would recommend you ALL find it & read it....and then re-read it. It is called "With Great Mercy" and written by Kathy Gilbert Taylor. It is amazing how she ties all of her pain & suffering into God's mercy & love for her. Probably the most inspirational book I've ever read in my lifetime. Knowing there is a person in this world, who KNOWS how I felt, emotionally & physically, and still went to God for everything, was very inspiring. I hope you all check out the book, Kindle, Amazon, iPad, you'll find it. Its a quick read, I had it done in less than 6 hours! I hope you all love it. Let me know your feedback.

Until Next Time-

Love & Hugs-


Hi Robbie

Yes, sleeping can be difficult. I find if I prop myself up a little on a V shaped pillow which stops my head rolling to either side, and just lay on my back this usually helps when I'm at my worse.

Good luck.


Hi Ribbie,

sorry I don't know which meds you are on but I was prescribed Amitriptyline to help me with sleeping. It seems to work fine for me. was also on Oromorph but that had no effect at all.