Sinus and roof of mouth pain

Hi everyone,I’ve been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgiant and glossopharyngeal neauralgia recently I’ve suffered for quite sometime and still in alot of pain! I wanted to ask here if anyone suffered with there sinuses and roof of mouth my nose is very congested when waking which then pours continuously it goes numb after blowing then through the day I have burning stinging throbbing through sinuses and roof of mouth…these symptoms are scaring me so much. I’ve seen an ent who did ct scan and camera through nasal passages which were all clear…his conclusion was neuralgia see a neuro! Every flare it gets worse! I’ve had an mri with contrast done last week waiting for results.Am I going mad or does anyone else have these symptoms and if so how did it get resolved? Manybthanks

I don't get the runny nose but do get pain in left nostril (TN & GPN side) and sometimes in left side roof of mouth (which is horrendous pain). Wait to see what comes back from MRI and speak to neurologist about controlling pain. Hope you get some pain relief soon. Mary

Hi Chantell,

I get all of the symptoms that you mention. I have bilateral ATN and have been having increasing symptoms of GPN over the past few months. I get very congested on the one side during a flare up. Sometimes I have intense attacks over the jaw, tongue, roof of mouth that last about a minute and I get a runny nose and teary eye during those attacks.

I know that it can be frightening to experience these things...let alone deal with the pain. It sounds like you are taking all the right steps though to rule out other causes. Hopefully by doing that your anxiety will decrease a bit.


Hi everyone. Chantell-I am new here as gpn appeared out of nowhere about 2 months ago. I had TN once about 17 yrs ago. I have MS for over 25 years and chronic sinusitis for about 20 yrs. Very hard to cope.
GPN -momentary stabbing tongue pain.