Sorry I have not been saying much lately. Just been trying to deal on my own. I'm hoping that I can retire on disability soon. Because they are giving me so many problems at work about missing days. Ummmmm....... I'm a single parent with three kids and no family or friends close by to help. Even if my exhusbands did live closer, they wouldn't help. Not to mention this terrible disease and I have depression and anxiety. Hence the reason I'm up right now. I'm worried what they will say tomorrow. Two of my kids have some type of stomach bug. Guess I'll be making a trip to the doctor's office. Hopefully they will shut up with a doctor's note shoved in their faces. Thanks for listening.

Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you can get your doctor to write them some kind of letter to put in your file explaining your illness and note some websites for them to research it for themselves. If you have something from your doctor in your file, they can't say anything about you missing work. Then you will still be able to work when you're able to so that you won't feel useless and like a hermit in your house. (((((((((hugs)))))))))

I showed my supervisor information concerning this condition. I even had my doctor fill out fmla paperwork. My supervisor refused to look at it. Sigh. I’m almost about to give up hope. It makes me more depressed the more I think about it. But I’m one of those people who think about a situation until I find a solution.

((( Latisha ))),
Sorry to hear about your struggles with work,sick kids and your TN.
I can only imagine how hard it must be if you don’t have a support system to help you out.
Did you file for disability? Do you have the ability to go on a short term medical leave in order to find a med or combo of meds to give you relief from the pain? It takes time to find the right med, and if you have to work as well as be responsible for the kids etc etc a short term leave if available would work well.
Could a family member fly/drive and move in with you for awhile?
I don’t know…I’m trying, are there resources you could tap into for help with what sort of direction you can take? Doctor, counsellor, friend, work colleague?

Whatever you do, try not to let this all overwhelm you…there’s always an answer always HOPE!
When you get a minute, sit down and make a list of all the options…then research them one by one…
We’re here for you…vent away anytime. We understand.
Thinking of you and sending positive vibes,
Mimi xx

Sounds like your supervisor needs to be reported if they arent' even LOOKING at your papers! I wish you good luck getting all this straightened out!