Shingles Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine - Anyone have any experiences good or bad? I got mine about a month ago and first had a spot at the injection site that was so tender, like a red hot poker that I couldn't even touch for about 2 weeks. Now I am noticing a large expanding spot on my scalp, right where a trigger point for occipital neuralgia is, my scalp is hot, tender, feels like I've been stung by a dozen yellow jackets. I almost wonder if I am getting shingles. Not liking this at all and wondering if I need to go in for the anti-viral medication to help prevent it from getting worse. I haven't got the rash yet, but the pain feels just like what shingles is described at. This is also in the spot where I (and my dog) got stung by a dozen or so yellow jackets about 6 years ago which helped bring on my trigeminal neuralgia and ON. I'm feeling a bit scared, I've been feeling so good for the last 3-4 weeks and am fearing it is a bad omen! Please Lord, No!! I'm enjoying having my body and brain back!!

I got the shingles vaccine in August and I haven’t had any problems. I had the MVD surgery in May 2009 and in Jan. 2010 got shingles around the scar area and ear. They told me it was from the trigeminal nerve. Imagine that! I was put on meds immediately and it turned out to be a mild case. They told me the earlier you start taking the med then the milder case. I was so afraid I would develop lasting pain, but that didnt happen. I would get into the doctor as soon as possible. Good luck

Thanks Connie, think I'll head into the doctor in the morning. I don't need this to get any worse. Thanks for the reply!