Seattle and pacific northwest support group--forming--looking for those interested

If you know anyone who is interested in a support group in Seattle or greater Pacific Northwest--I have just been approved by the Facial Pan Association (Trigeminal Neuralgia Association is now associated and part of this organization) to start a support group. I am still getting organized but am looking for people with TN in this area who would like a support group--could be physical meetings--could be teleconference--could be video conference OR some combination of the above. What we do will be tailored to what those in the group will want. I am thinking we should have some kind of a project which will be related to TN but which gives us the opportunity to give back in some way. Maybe we can do a yahoo group where we keep a list of referrals of various kinds for services which would be helpful to those with TN. Looking for ideas. Please contact me and we'll work together. You can send a general message through this group or you can send a private message to ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.