Root Canal Injection caused Trigeminal Neuralgia

Hey guys I am new here and would like to share my experience in hopes of someone that has a similar story and that can tell me what they are going through.

1 year ago I went to get a root canal and the dentist who was not a an endodontist and had no business even performing the root canal changed my life forever. He tried injecting me over 8 times to get me numb and couldn’t. ( an endodontist can get you numb in 2 tries). On the 8th injection he hit my trigeminal nerve and it was a very painful burning sensation.

5 days later I had the most intense pain one can imagine to my left side of the face, head,eye, nausea and 1 hour into this pain I passed out and woke up the next morning. This is not a joke. Since then the pain level has been a 9 out of 10 everyday. You may think well how is that possible and how are you still living. This pain is 24/7 unlike classical trigeminal neuralgia where people get episodes of this pain through out the day. I want to know if there is anyone else out there that had a dental injection and what has helped you? Surgery? I have taken well over 100 different herbal supplements and tried so many treatments and nothing has helped except taking homeopathy medicine that cleared the pain the first 2 weeks by 80%! After 2 weeks my body was immune to the homeopathy medicine and the pain is still there. How can god allow this type of pain on a human being I think about this everyday

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Dear Giants,
I also had a root canal 19 year ago. I didn’t feel much for about 3-4 days and then I felt like I was being shocked on my right side of my face if anything touched it. I went to every doctor, you name it I went. The first EMT diagnosed it, but I refused to believe it, in fact my dentist said I had TMJ, so I tried the night guard, it just made it worse. Finally seen a neurologist and was prescribed carbamazepine. It stopped the pain but it has side affects that I live with and am grateful that it works. I have had Gamma knife 2 times, it worked for awhile. I even had the open surgery MVD, it didn’t work at all for me, but you will hear from others it works. After all I’ve been thur and the expenses I should have sued the dentist that caused it, I know he didn’t mean to but they are insured for things like this. Good luck to you, maybe you will consider taking Carbamazepine just to relieve your pain until you decide on something else.

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Wow same exact thing happened to me 4-5 days and this intense shock on the left side of my face began. I am afraid to take Carbamazepine after reading about all the bad side effects and don’t want new problems. Did the surgeon tell you what was causing the pain was it a blood vessel touching your nerve or the nerve was damaged any idea? I still have this stinging pain at the injection site where the dentist numbed me up and it goes up to my eye, ringing in both ears and I feel sleepy when it gets to around 6pm. How long did you take Carbamazepine for?

Same story here. 22 years ago. Always on Tegretol. You must see a neurologist.

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Hey jeanie so you have been on meds for 22 years or it happened 22 years ago and you were on them for how long? Also did you have pain go up to your eye and did you have any surgery done?

My pain started on my lower left jaw after root canals . Through out the years my pain has moved around even to the other side of my face. I have been on Tegretol for years after I found my first neurologist. I have not had surgery since nothing shows up on MRI’s.

Wow that is not good. I won’t take any drugs that they prescribe because of all the negative effects I’m just living with the pain. I know it sounds hard to do but the risk of these drugs isn’t worth it.

Hi Giants, I was reading your story and have a similar incident to my TN, I went to the dentist for a deep cleaning and some how a previous tooth that already had a root canal done on it started giving me shocking pain, it came suddenly out of know where. My pain also never goes away its CONSTANT and nothing shows up on a CT scan or MRI, I to am scared of medication but have tried gabapentin but had to stop due to side effects. I pray that you found relief or a good neurologist.

Hi Giants,

I have had a similar experience. One bad root canal which lead to an apicoectomy started the nightmare of trigeminal neuralgia. The night of the procedure I felt like lightning had struck my face. I literally fell to my knees. I could not eat solid food for about a year after this happened without intense pain. After going through acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathic remedies, etc. I finally found a good neuro who prescribed Trileptal. It has been a Godsend. It has been 9 years since this happened. I still have an intense fear of any dental procedure but I know that at least I have found a medication that works. I pray you will find the right medication for you.