I’ve had TN for 5 years now. I’ve had 2 remissions that have lasted about a year. My question is what causes us to go into remission?

I've wondered this, as well. As far as I know, it's unpredictable and different for everyone. Anyone have any insight?

When considering remission, are we talking about no pain while still on medications or no pain with no medication at all? I have not had a TN episode in 13 months, but I am still on Tegretol. Does that qualify as remission?

I personally call remission no pain, no meds.
The jury is out on “why” some of us experience remissions.
And based on others stories , duration varies…
Wish I knew…I’d do anything to have one again…
I had an 8 year remission on my right side and a 10 year remission on my left.
Back in 2002, I didn’t know it could come back…imagine my surprise in 2010!!!