Relief with Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Tuesday I saw dr drew hall with upper cervical care. I got his name on a blog from a woman whose husband saw him and has been pain free for a year. After one visit I am 80 percent better. I saw my nerologist and he said if it works go for it. Dr hall has offices in Los Angeles and Carson. You can get a free evaluation. You have nothing to lose was the way I felt. He is very gentle. No cracking or twisting.

It has been over a week now and I can't believe it is still holding! I hope it helps anyone else. I have been trying to find the woman who posted on this blog so I can thank her with all my heart. With over 4,000 suffers, it is a task to find her.

If you see this THANK YOU, THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!

Also I ordered a book on amazon called STRIKING BACK, The Trilgeminal Neuralgia and Face Book Handbook by George Weigel and Kenneth F. Casey, M.D. It is so good at explaining the disease in laymens terms and also goes into the alternative therapies for anyone interested. Dr. Casey will be one of the many doctors speaking at the TN seminar in San Diego in October and is very well known and respected. The diagrams are excellent for those of us that knew nothing except we were in extreme pain. Information is powerful.

My best wishes to my follow suffers, I do feel your pain.