Reducing medication

I had my MVD on Dec 17th - the surgery was a success although I did have 2 csf leaks which required a lumbar drain, surgery and a further two week stay in the hospital.

I'm not due to see my neurologist / neurosurgeon for another 4 weeks. My meds are still the same.

The point of the surgery was to get off my meds as they make me feel like a zombie.

How long does it take to come off the meds? I'm on carbamazepine and pregabalin.

Grace x

Hi Grace, sorry to read of the complications you had, I’m glad to read you’re doing better and no tn pain! That’s awesome!
Do take care of yourself as healing from mvd surgery takes time, even if you’re feeling better, go slowly…
Everybody is told different things in regards to weaning off the meds…some don’t start the process until a few months after surgery and others like myself are directed to start weaning a few days after MVD.
My neurosurgeon was quite aggressive in my weaning process. I was off 2/3 meds within 3 weeks of my surgery and I was at high doses so it was quick. Even my doctor and neuro commented on how quick my NS did this.
If you’d like to start weaning prior to your appointment, just call your NS’s office and make the request, he/she might be able to give you directions over the phone.
Please don’t start on your own.
Continued well-being!! Let your body guide you as you continue to heal,
((( hugs ))) Mimi

Thanks Mimi

I am just keen to get back to feeling normal as soon as possible. With the complications I had, maybe I should just take it easy and chill out!

On another note, was great to read your MVD experience last year - helped me to prepare.

Hope you are continuing to do well.

Best wishes

Grace x

Hi Grace

I agree with Mimi, call the NS and follow up with your Doctor and work with your pharmacist to taper off the drugs safely. I had a MVD in July and came off my meds very fast too (over 5 weeks) and I went into withdrawls. I was dizzy, nausea, had horrid headaches and couldn't sleep more than 4 hours at any given time during this period. (Both my NS and regular Doctor were on holidays at the same time - argh) Anyhow, finally got to a good locum doctor and he help set up a drug routine until both doctors were back. I had to tapered down the Lyrica very very slowly. There is no need to suffer and with everything you been threw take your time and be safe. It has been 6 months and I am still taking low doses of both of the drugs you are taking. Be gentle with yourself and it is OK to take your time. J

Hi Grace - I had my MVD Oct. 30th and stayed on my full 1200mg dose of Tegretol XR through Christmas Day. My neurosurgeon gave me directions at about that time to wean off, decreasing a pill every 5 days (I took 6 pills/day) and as of this week, I am taking no meds. He wanted me to wait a bit to give the nerve a chance to heal. I was getting very mild twinges and pressure just here and there that gradually lessened over the weeks so the timing for me to wean off was perfect. I have zero pain now and just the very occasional pressure on one spot (where the worst pain always was). It doesn't hurt at all, more like a sensation. My neurologist told me that after a year of this pain, I might feel that small sensation here and there that means nothing and is common after any injury that lasted a while. I'm so grateful to have ended this pain. You will be there too, Grace! So sorry about your CSF complications and extended hospital stay but sounds like that is all behind you now and you have a good road ahead of you! Take it easy and just listen to your doctor's advice on weaning off the drugs. They day will come soon :).