Reality - More Depakote

All this big talk about going paragliding and jumping out of planes is just wishful thinking. In truth, my neuro upped the amount of depakote I take today. Facial pain is not fun, but a little bit of dreaming is good for the heart.

((( notafraid )))

Continued dreaming and positive thinking!
I know, I just increased my meds as well…I hate how drugged up I feel, I miss clarity and having energy.
BUT, the pain was/is breaking me…I’m still in so much pain considering the amount of meds I’m on, but I have moments where the pain is less …so I’ll be grateful for that.

I wish you the same and more…
(( hugs )) Mimi xx

Dreaming IS great! I hate increasing and being even more drugged up. I don't know how much more I can increase to without being a total zombie. And I have to work! So I can't be a zombie. I just don't know.

Dreaming is great - it can certainly bring us places we would never get to otherwise!!!! Keep the dreams coming.

I was told about a new drug the other day - quite by accident - or maybe not - but it is called Horizant. Is anyone taking it? I was told people are having success with it and the side effects are much less than other drugs - lyrica and tegretol. I've tried tegretol - no good for me. I cannot handle these side effects. I HAVE to work - I am single and take care of myself. I will not submit to being a zombie!!!! Anyway, I started 600 mg two days ago - was afraid to take it, but I did. So far, just some dizziness and a little loss of balance - it went away quickly tho. Dr said I should know if it's going to help within 4-6 weeks. I have had TN for 18 years - attacks come 3-4 x a month and last for 2-3 days. Pain is excruciating as we all know. I have never had surgery - I cannot afford any surgery. I have learned to live with this but always look for something new to try.

Please let me know if anyone is taking Horizant and what's happening??? My best to all of you for a painfree day/week/month/life!!!! Thanks

I think we all do a little bit of dreaming. I also hate increasing the drugs and really miss how I felt before all these meds were necessary and REALLY miss the days before TN. So keep on dreaming and I hope you have some pain free days soon!