Questions...hoping for answers

Anyone have attacks when in public? If so how do you handle them? How long do attacks last? Do attacks follow warnings immediately? Do you get a warning before attack...warning and no attack?

If it's just a quick little zap, I guess I just jerk a little and keep talking. If it's a full-blown attack and I have to stop talking, then I do so. If they ask what's wrong I hold my finger up to tell them to give me a minute, then try to explain. If it's still hurting, I will type it on my phone or write it or something. I usually don't have a warning. It just happens out of the blue. Now I DO get some days where it is a tingly, burny, creepy-crawly type feeling in my face, but not usually.

i just explained it my co-workers before hand, so that if and when it hit they were not in dark. i never got a warning. i would get short attacks and if i did not stop what ever was triggering it, it would get a long attack. so if it was a short one and from talking, i would switch to writing.

It may sound crazy but when in public and an attack comes out of no where I put my head down and hit myself on my leg until it stops. I put my head down so it isn't so obvious that the tiers are running down my face and i'm making an ugly face until the beast leaves. My family and friends understand but its hard on them so see the extent of my pain when it occurs.

I kept lidocaine patches and cream with me EVERYWHERE.

Hi Kim,

It happens …I also keep a “TN emergency kit” in my purse.

It contains my lidocaine mixed cream, my orajel, and some hot pockets,

( you know those tiny bags you shake to warm up in winter?) heat helps me

The above is all for my TN2.

If the shocks hit, there’s really nothing, no warning, so I flinch or my eyes squint, and my usual immediate reaction is to lift my hand to my face. The shocks don’t always hit for long, but when they do, I need to get home.

If I’m around anyone who doesn’t know I explain once I’m able too.

Sometimes I get what I call twinges which is a bit of a warning that “things” are about to get real…but often not.

(( hugs )) Mimi

My bouts of typical TN have resulted in electroshock zaps when I talk and eat. Unfortunately, I have had to do a lot of business lunches and dinners with clients and coworkers over the years. The TN can be especially bad when I have to speak more loudly while in crowded restaurants.

As a result, I have become the person who asks a lot of questions so that I can avoid talking when I get zapped in social situations. To date I have simply been able to "power through" the attacks.

I do, however, carry around a one-page sheet in my wallet and computer bag. I have this in case I am with people and I am rendered completely speechless or overpowered by an attack. It briefly explains that I have TN, what is going on, what medications I take, and asks the person to call for an ambulance.

Fortunately I have never had to pull this out and show it to anyone yet. But I have it in case I need it.