Just wondering what people take for pain during the day? I have trigeminal neuralgia

I have an extreme case of TN (2 MVDs at Duke in 2012) and another exploratory/ MVD coming up Dec 6. Daily, I take 4 neurontin, 4 fioricet, 4-5 Percocet, 5 roxicodone, laranzapam, dilaudid at night, and Klonopin for sleep. I am a partner in a big defense law firm and I had to stop work last Friday to prepare my body for surgery. I have 18 triggers and STRESS is number 1. It is hard for me given my line of work and two small children at home. My case is very rare and extremely painful. I am lucky to get 3 hours sleep per night. I have tried all the meds and have found that all of my meds are finally providing some relief. We are praying that this 3rd surgery is a charm.

I take 1200-1400mgs of tegretol spread out throughout the day.

Thank you both, His dr finally gave in & gave him something for the pain. Its helping a little - praying things get better for him soon