Question regarding ATN, TN

This may have been posted. ? My son works next to Holistic dentist. He told her I had ATN. 1st thing she said “get all old Fillings out of teeth”, is this true?
I did have a doc doing a root canal told me previous dentist did sloppy work, left lots of fragments , did not clean up. They were laughing as if a joke! One dentist said to other “I bet he won several Beers off your root canal due to this” , I was very upset as I don’t think this is amusing. I do have several older fillings, 1 gold crown, and a few porcelain ones. Anyone? Thank you! D

If you are already dealing with Atypical (Type 2) TN, then whatever damage may be associated with sloppy dental procedures has very likely already been done. A lot more drilling in your mouth might cause even more neuropathic damage, and probably shouldn't be done unless there is an overriding reason to. What I would recommend is that you have a high resolution panoramic digital X-ray done, to evaluate for voids, pockets, and abscesses in the teeth. Consult with a Board Certified dental surgeon to determine what if any corrective dental work may be warranted. In my personal view, a so-called "holistic" dentist is not particularly qualified by their training to render advice on issues that lap over into neuropathic damage.

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Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

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Living With TN

Please note: I am not a medically licensed physician. My advice is based on 18 years of volunteer work with facial pain patients, having corresponded with over 4,000 patients, family members, and physicians.

I wouldn't think gold or porcelain would be a problem.Mercury couldn't be good and that's what i have.Like everything else dealing with this disease,it is mostly speculative.

I would advice from RED. He has most research of TN thousands here!


I second what Red said. I only see a dental surgeon who knows about TN and what TN is, so he know how to treat me with my dental health care needs. He is extremely carefully when he does work and I will only have dental work done now if it is warranted. I would not go to a dentist personally (I did once early in my journey with TN and it was a mistake I needed to learn). So a holistic dentist is not something I wouldn't even consider. Just sharing my opinion, and I'm not a licensed medical health provider of any kind.


How can you get a reasonable opinion from a dentist who has not seen your teeth and only spoken to your son, not you, directly? Pain in the teeth can actually be caused by dental issues, not ATN. Does this holistic dentist tell every patient to get rid of old fillings so he can make a buck. My father is 87 and he has old fillings and his teeth are fine.

The doctor who did the root canal and made jokes and odd comments, ask him to give you a medical diagnosis and recommendation on what should be done with your teeth (not to make jokes or small talk on a serious issue to you), or in the alternative, see another dentist or doctor for an opinion.

Thank You everyone! I moved to Texas over 2 years ago. I went to dentist hurting again. He is the 1st dentist to ever mention the word “Trigeminal” and I have suffered over 20 years on and off but getting more frequent as I age or either the location I moved? I did not go to holistic dentist, she does not even know what TN is. She just told my son to tell me to get old mercury fillings out. I agree damage already done at this point. My Neuro is trying to get P-Stim for me but insurance will not approve. Gralise is helping but sleepy. Thank you Everyone!! Hope u r having pain free days. D

Usually you and your Dr. can pester ins. into the approval.Do you know who you are using?My GP was telling me about a pain management group in Dallas that has had 100% success with TN.I didn't write down the particulars,but i will get the info for you if you need it.Don