Question after Dental visit

I might have ATN. Have TMJ so far untreated. Have a crown that needs to be replaced on the side that I have been having issues. My dentist mentioned TN and said it’s simple to treat with a saline rinse. Any idea what he’s talking about? I have seen some thinks about saline and lidocaine but he did not mention lidocaine. I will be seeing him again when I can ask more questions but was wondering if anyone heard of this

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Hi lwmtmsd,
I have not heard of saline rinse treating TN myself but know that lidocaine patches have given some relief for some but did not work for me. I would like to know what experience your dentist has for treating TN and where he got his information. I myself am all for alternative treatments and have an open mind. good luck and keep me informed please. Thanks,

That must be some kind of magical saline rinse if it treats ATN(TN2). I definitely get teeth pain with my TN2 but it is referred pain and isn’t a problem in my mouth. Of course you can have TN2 and also problems in your mouth.

All people should make their own decisions when they are the ones who will be dealing with the consequences. A saline rinse shouldn’t cost much and I can’t imagine it hurting anyone.

Maybe he is mixing TN up with something else. Saline is used to help infection. I would try to find a dentist with special training in orofacial pain, such as an oral medicine specialist, and get a second opinion before getting any work done by this guy.

If this were me I would get another dentist before ever letting him or her in my mouth again! Obviously, this dentist, like many others, doesn’t know anything about TN.

Have done two crown with active TN. Dentist used fast acting and slow acting Novocain but make sure it has no epinephrine. Neurologist says it will open nerve ending and we will scream. Also bring your meds and know which one you can take an additional 1/2 or whole with a friend driving you home.

I would strongly recommend finding another dentist. It is likely this dentist is not educated regarding TN, and, if that is the case, any procedure could result in worsened symptoms.

I saw the neurologist last week. Told him about the crown problem and the saline rinse. He said that if there is infection or inflammation under the crown it could be irritating the trigeminal nerve. The saline rinse would be for the infection under the crown.