Question about staying awake at work

So, I will be going back to work in a couple of weeks. Not because my Neurologist thinks I am ready, but because the short-term disability company is giving me trouble. I know that I have been very fortunate to be off as long as I have as many of you work while in serious pain, so I am not complaining. I am just so darn tired and hit a huge wall in the early afternoons as it is now. I will be getting up much earlier and going back to days of training. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can stay awake? I have stocked up on neck scarves because my building is freezing! I just don’t think that will keep me awake, but it will add to my pain. As it is now, I can pump myself full of caffeine and fall asleep sitting up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

XOXOXO to all!


Hi Debbie…I’m not remembering what meds you are on but what I have doen is to lower my morning dose and take the majority of my daily dose in the evening. I sleep like a log!That seems to keep me at a blood level that keeps my pain at bay and I am not as drowsy during the day.I’ve also found that over-caffeinating can actually cause me to “crash” in the afternoon…so I just do a bite or two of chocolate instead.
take care, Judy

Hey Debbie I agree with Judy b4 I got laid off I took my meds just like she said, unless the pain got outta control. I waited till I got home for a dose then another b4 I went to bed and I uaually slept pretty well. It will be hard at first for sure, just take one day at a time.

Hi Debbie,
Wanda and Judy have given you some great suggestions. I too had to work hile taking high doses of medication. One thing that helped me was to note how how long it took after taking the the medication before I started feeling drowsy. Fortunately, the director of my agency was very understanding and she allowed me to adjust my hours accordingly.
In the morning, I forced myself to get up earlier so that I could take my medication and eat a healthy (and for me it was an increased protein )breakfast When possible I accomplished my most difficult tasks in the early part of the day. I kept myself self-well hydrated with good ol’ H20 , ate healthy snacks and lunches and I avoided caffeine and sugar over load or otherwise I found myself crashing. I really staggered my does of meds per the recommendation of the neurosurgeon.
I usually took a dose of medication about 30 minutes before wrapping up my day, that way I wasn’t drowsy on the drive home. I took another dose before 7 pm and then I doubled up on my last does of Tegretol XR at bedtime. ( Once again, I only made the adjustments after talking with the doctor). I hope this helpful.
Peace and smiles sent your way,

TN and ON disrupted my sleep in the worst kind of way, so I was already exhausted, but I did find these adjustments made quite a difference for me . One other thing I did was make sure that on my 15 minute breaks, I did something energizing and meaningful to me. I stayed as warm as possible because the cold terrorized me. When my pain was at it worst, I used my lunch hour to debrief, relax and regroup. It was difficult and it certainly wasn’t a perfect strategy, but it carried me through for several months. One thing that I tired to do was also be gentle with myself. I did my best every day, but I also recognized that on any given day my best was not always going to be the same as another day. I hope this helpful,
Peace and tenderness sent your way,

Hi Debbie,
I’ve only managed to keep on working thanks to having extremely sympathetic bosses. I’m currently taking 800mg Tegretol having increased it recently due to having a heavy cold that has made the TN much worse. I take 200mg in the morning, 200mg when I get home from work, and 400mg at bedtime. I do find it tough going at times but I can sit down whenever I want, or go and sit in the fresh air if I need too. I have made ample use of my slow cooker recently. I’m honestly too tired after work to start preparing a meal so make a casserole/soup in the morning and it is all ready after work.

I hope your return to work goes well,

Love Jo X x

Thank you all for your suggestions. It sounds like changing my med schedule is a perfect idea and I see the doc tomorrow and can ask. I will try to be gentle with myself, but I have never been very good at that. No time like the present to learn. I unfortunatetly cannot schedule my day because I do I.T. support and have to react to problems at the time they occur. . . any time of the day or night. Its been nice not having that phone ring on a Sunday when my whole family was over for dinner or after I’ve been sleeping for awhile. Luckily, my boss is great but the work is what it is.

I will keep you posted. I have 2 more weeks to get prepared and thank you all for helping!