Provigil to Counteract Sleepiness from Meds

Hi there! Hope everyone is doing well! I had a good visit to the neuro today. I reitterated my sleepiness which has gotten out of control. We both agree it is the meds. There was a question of reducing my Neurontin dosage but to be honest with you when I miss a dose the symptoms rush back. Being half and half on the idea of surgery and even though I hate meds-I would like to prolong any surgeries as long I can. If it aint broke dont fix it! :slight_smile: Today he prescribed me Provigil to help with my exhaustion. I am hoping and praying I get on the patient assistance as I do not have RX coverage. My question is has anyone else on here taken it? Has anyone used it for the sleepy side effects of the medications? I have read where many people consider it a wonder drug. I just want my life back! Any info would be greatly appreciated!