Pressure in head

Hi all. I am in pain like many others on this site who will be in a lot more pain than me, you lot are very brave. I am in pain. I have got pressure in my head all day. It is like when you go swimming and you try and touch the bottom of the swimming pool at the deep end, you get pressure build up in your head. Any one else experienced this?

Yes. I had the pressure too prior to starting meds. I honestly felt if someone just stabbed me in the head the pressure and pain would go away. That of course was in addition to the pain. Once I started Tegretol the pressure pretty much stopped. The pain became less frequent.

Yes, Jason untill the last couple of weeks it seems as though a lot of the pressure in my whole head and right eye has been getting alittle better little by little since the increase o f my trileptil and the longer I am on it I keep noticing little things that are a good thing! For yrs. it had felt more then not at leasta few hrs. Aaday that my head felt like a basket filled with so much air it was ready to explode. I just wanted someone to pop it! Thinking it couldn't feel any worse! Wishing you answers or meds. that can help with that pressure and not have bad side affects. Wishing you the very best, very soon Soft Hugs, dawn

Yes, me as well. Especially the past couple weeks. And yes, it does feel like you swam to the bottom of the pool, but the pressure doesn’t go away. I was wondering if the extremely cold weather is the culprit!?! I asked my Neurologist yesterday and he said it could possibly be a trigger.
Are you getting dizzy too from the pressure, like vertigo?
I know its frustrating, hang in there. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Thanks Erica and Dawn. I have not had any dizzy spells as of yet, I just take it slowly as I move my head upwards, even though the pain is still there. I hope you feel better soon.