Pregabalin and Carbamazapine

My doc has recommened that I add Pregabalin to my daily meds to better control the pain. Right now I am taking 100mg every four hours. His thoughts were that I would get better pain coverage with the combination rather that just upping the Carbamazapine. Has anyone else used these meds? What kind of side effects have you had? I am so dreading going down this path of multiple meds. I am discouraged :frowning:

Hi Patty,
I am taking Pregabalin . It works for me and there is no side effect. It is common to use a combination of medicines to control the pain, so do not worry too much. However, you need to monitor the side effects, it is very individual .
Best wishes,

OMG! I feel really silly! I just realized that Pregabalin is what we call Lyrica! I am on Tegretol, which is Carbamazapine. So yes, I take both. They are working great for me, I feel alot better. Now that I am used to the Tegretol, which takes the edge off my TN… But the Lyrica makes you feel better all over & gives you some of your normal self back! It works for me. But I’m just giving you my experience. I hated taking all these meds. But, you know, when you are sick… You just have to accept! It makes things a whole lot better! You know, just try it. If if does not work for you? Go back & see your Doc! I am finally on the right combination of meds & life is so much better. I went from being suicidal, to seeing the light! So hang in there! From a person who has the experience of
10 life times! Sally

Hi Patty,
The Carbamazapine is also known as gabapentin, correct? I ramped up to 1200 mg per day over a course of three weeks…it may have helped, minimally…but I was finding that it it gave me a speech Aphasia…meaning, that I would know what I wanted to say, but couldn’t SAY it, much like a stroke victim. .I would stutter…I hated that…and what minimal relief I was getting, wasn’t worth that. So I ramped down, and quit altogether. Just my personal experience. .

Shoot…I’m so silly…Carbamazapine IS Tegretol…!!! (Thanks Sally!!) I had a HUGE adverse reaction to Tegretol. Ended me up in the ER…I can’t take anything in that family…so I’m sort of up a creek now, because those are the most universally effective meds, from what I can gather.