Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN)

The pain excruciating,

And I just can't see,

Why it’s so difficult,

Why is it me?

I never asked for this,

This was never meant to be,

This pain in my face,

The burden placed on me.

I try every day,

To get out of bed,

But it's so hard,

To forget what the doctor said.

This will never go away,

I'm stuck here for life,

In this darkness with suffering,

And never ending strife.

Why has God left me?

With this life I have to own,

With this rare pain and suffering,

I feel I'm all alone.

What can be done?

To lift this burden off my life?

To save me of this pain,

Darkness, and eternity of strife.

Someone please help me!

I need this to end,

Please free me!

I can no longer fend.

This is my life of TN,

Painful, dark and sad,

Never ending ratios,

Of the good and the bad.

One day I will heal,

I pray every night,

My life will get better,

But for now I will fight.

By: Meghan Pece

Hang in there Megan! You are not, or never, alone.

I know that, thanks Craig! This is a poem I wrote when I was 16, I had had my first brain surgery that didn't work and thought that was all that could be done at the time.

God never leaves you. Keep the faith! Hoping you feel better. D