Pictures from my MVD surgery

They say a picture worth a thousand words, I agree.

I uploaded 2 pictures of what the surgeon found in my head.

You can see them under the PHOTO "TAB' at the top of the page.

The pic. labeled before is what the surgeon found before the fix

the Vein is not normal and should not be going around the nerve like it is.

The pic. labeled after is what the surgeon did to stop the vein from hitting the nerve.

the white stuff is some kind of fibrous material that will stay in my head.

I hope these help anyone wondering what GPN really is, understand better.

Different people wont look exactly like these pic,'s. But they do a good job showing

what causes GPN Pain.

I made a mistake you will fine the pictures under the media "TAB" then photo.

Amazing photos Chris - thank you for sharing :) Hope you're feeling better.