PhD an me- reverse Beauty and the Beast

Not quite sure who the Bauty is, but my, there are a lot of beasts to this story!

The absolute worst part is that right now - summer hols- is when Uni is fixing all its construction needs. Fun At home they were changing the roof until recently. I also live by the river, and they have the summer's big adventure, every night: Dragon boat racing! the most idiotic sport with drums there ever was. Needless to say; AAAAGGHAGHAAHGG

And then a pipe right outside my bedroom window started dripping.

Today, as I am rounding off one of my very last chapters, the postgrad office sent a mass e-mail about what to do when you submit your thesis after the initial deadline, and that nearly tipped me over. I wanted to march over there and have a fit. I know normal PhD students, those who have a back ache sometimes, or period cramps, struggle to meet the deadline, but I am actually on target. I think they should give me a medal, or a building or something. Especially since they have barely acknowledged that I am a disabled student. "But you don't have a wheel chair or a white cane." I can hear their wheels churning. I'll have the Library building, please!