Panic and pain

Hello everyone! I had my surgery consultation yesterday and MVD surgery for GN is scheduled July 9 at 2pm. Instead of feeling relief I feel even more panic and anxiety now. My neurosurgeon is confident and kind, and I believe he will do a good job. I am relieved that my pain may be lessened, at least somewhat in the near future, but I am exhausted and depressed that I require this surgery and my husband, who also lives in constant pain will be left caring for our two young daughters while I heal. I'm scared. I keep trying to quit smoking so I'll be healthier for the surgery and instead find myself smoking even more. My primary doctor said he will not increase my pain medications, because two weeks isn't that long to wait. At times like this you wonder if they have every experienced pain close to this in their lives. Tomorrow I'll meet with a pain management doctor and I sincerely hope he is open to increasing meds for two weeks so I can try to function, or be able to prescribe something, anything for the pain. I am trying to ready myself and my family and can barely do more than cry, worry and hurt.

I'm sorry you're in so much pain at the moment. Please try and feel positive about the MVD. Hopefully you had a good meeting with your pain management Doctor.

Sending you positive wishes.



To be perfectly honest, the worst part of mvd for me were the 2 weeks prior to surgery…I was riddled with anxiety… Never had surgery before, I too tried to quit smoking, it was pointless, better to remain as normal then add to your stress.

Find “things” to occupy your mind as much as possible, and try deep breathing, meditation works for me.

I too was in horrendous pain prior to surgery maxed out on my meds, there was nothing more to take…I used a heating pad to take the edge off and just got through each moment as best as possible. If you haven’t already tried a lidocaine type of cream I’d ask for one, they do help too! Two weeks is long, two minutes is long, dumb doctor has no idea…I did 7 months with med resistant TN, no relief …until mvd.

Thinking of you, (( hugs )) Mimi

Thank you both for your kind words. I'm glad to hear it's not just me who feels frozen with fear during these next 11 days. I try to meditate as well, but have such a hard time with panic and anxiety! Each time I try to quit smoking I end up smoking even more!

My pain management doctor was able to change a couple things around yesterday, as well as suggest a couple natural remedies, which I always prefer! Just my luck through, the pain management doctor rocked, and he'll be retiring soon! I'm changing my ignorant primary care dr asap!

Can I get the lidocaine cream at a pharmacy or does it need to be prescribed?

Here in Canada I was able to buy a cream at my pharmacy with no prescription, ask your pharmacist. (( hugs )) Mimi