Pain Journal Anyone" ;-D

Good afternoon GPNR peeps! I'm finally working on some research information, back to work will slow things down a bit for next 10 months! <just get me through winter!!>.

I wanted to ask: How many of you are willing to keep a very specific pain journal? It'd be a checklist that specifies items like pain, meds, temperature, etc., a variety of variables. It would be in addition to the online survey; and in fact, may precede the survey?? I did this for ~ first 9months of my dx, and will tell you it does take time. For me, I had to tally each evening, else I'd forget the specifics. ;-)

THANKS to all who are willing to at least give it a try!! ALL information would be confidential, each person assigned a control number. ALL information, e.g., after analysis, would be available to group members.

I'm thinking perhaps a 3 month or 6 month go at this?? Your input is GREATLY appreciated!!

If you'd like to participate, here's link to the FB research site. You'll have to ask to join, designed to keep posts private.

A sample pain journal page has been uploaded to the Wiki. Please feel free to brainstorm with us on this page! Wishing all a wonderful pain free week! ;-) <I've uploaded the page here as well.>

80-SamplePainJournalPage.pdf (86 KB)