Pain came back

Monday was so glorious, I had completely forgotten what it felt like to be pain- free. It was however, unfortunately short- lived, it was back on Tuesday, thought I do have to admit it was a little less debilitating with the Tegretol on board. I went to dr’s on Friday so she could see how I was doing on the medicine and for further titration. Since the pain and tension were still there, she and I agreed it would be best to up the Tegretol to 2 pills a day rather than the 1 was taking at the time. It does seem to be helping with the tension, I do still have a few break through pain spurts, though again there not nearly as severe. I start back to school today to earn my degree in Sonography, while excited, I am scared that the pain will come back, and the meds will no longer be of any use. All I can do now is be hopeful and optimistic that things keep chugging along the way they are now. I am just so grateful I found this site, and now know there are others like me, who’ve lived with this pain and understand the fear as well as the pain.

How long have you had your symptoms? What symptoms do you have? If you have had it for years, do you have periods of remission?

The symptoms started about four months ago. It started with my right ear hurting like my eardrum had burst, this happened twice, on both occasions, I went to Dr’s suspecting an ear infection, both times my ear was clear. Then a couple weeks later my molars on my right side started hurting like I had a cavity or an abscess. Then within days my jaw was hurting as well on the right side, a couple days after that I started feeling the stabbing pain in my right cheek, ear and molars. I went to the Dr’s office and dx immediately. I was put on Tegretol that same day. Since she (Dr) upped the Tegretol to two pills a day I’m feeling a lot better.

Hopefully you will be able to have yours controlled by meds and it is not a severe case. I will keep you in mind and prayers!!