Pain after MVD is normal for most...don't give up!

I had MVD surgery this past October and three weeks after surgery I started to have pain but not as bad as before the surgery but pain. The surgery is not easy and either is the recovery. To go through all of that and to have pain come back is cruel to say the least. But, little by little the pain will go away. It takes a long time for the nerve to heal and all the inflammation to go away. I kepted a journal and would mark down every episode and the level of pain. Slowly but surely the time spand and level of pain would get less and less. The first time I blogged about my pain restarting I was about to through in the towel but KC Dancer wrote to me explaining that everyone heals differently and to mark my calender for one year. Well, she was right. I am writing today because I don't want anyone who had MVD surgery to give up. It truly takes a long time for some so don't give up. Keep the faith...please

You should post this in the General Discussions also so more people will see it. That is where most people go. I try to look at blogs too, but a lot of people don't. People need to see this from you. It helps me knowing when my time comes, to know what to expect. Thanks! (((((((((HUGS))))))))