Oh my sweet Jesus I'm in so much pain!

I know you can't help, but just thought that venting might help. It hasn't been this bad for a month or so. I should be bumped up on my tegretol, but my ARNP decided to fire me. All I wanted was a referral to a neurologist. She decided she was gonna treat my pysch problems before my pain. She was also gonna treat that. I would have gladly welcomed a referral to a pychiatrist or a pyschcologist. I know I have depression issues. Regretfully I am a nurse, and I have a problem controlling my mouth when someone(a health professional)says something that I know is wrong. I have no problem when they say they are unfamiliar with or don't know but will look it up, but to state something that is a baldface lie it really upsets me, and unfortunately I usually can't keep my mouth shut. My mouth is on fire(or the right side is) and have shocks running almost continously (sp?) along my lower right jaw. My tegretol was keeping the shocks pretty much under control, but I'm only up to 400mg a day. She told me I would probably need it increased and to call. When I called, once on the 13th to also ask for magic mouthwash, I left a message. On the 14th, I called again to ask for increase in meds and to request my records be sent to to Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine. I had only seen her twice, and I had explained to them that she was refusing to order a MRI or to give me a referral(had also tried this with numerous Drs) but she took pity on me and made an appt) Gotta quit. will try to finish in AM.

Well, one drink of gin mixed with one lortab and previous zanaflex and I finally got some sleep. Don't worry. Don't do that often but the pain was just unbearable.

Anyway, as I said, had only seen her twice. Called again on the 15th and was told she would no longer see me and would not agree to any of the requests; including sending my records to Goodman Campbell. I told the receptionest that they either send my records or they would hear from my attorney. Was also told that The nurse had called me back and on the second call I had hung up on her(witnessed by the ARNP). I told her that was impossible and had phone records to prove it. I still haven't received letter that receptionest said had been sent the day before(on 14th). I do feel better this AM. Hope it lasts. Sorry for rambling.



Was just wondering if you see anyone other than ARNP. Just feel its not right that they can leave you without any medical help.

Regards Ann

Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. Take care and I hope you are able to get your doctor problems solved and get your pain under better control.


Thanks guys. Will see neuro on the 29th. Hopefully he will take over medical care as far as TN is concerned, and I will try and find a Dr. then. Hopefully one that will work with him,as I live in Ky, and Dr. is in Indianapolis, In. Really appreciate the reply though.