New here and need to vent

Hi. I’m new to this board but I’ve been reading everybody’s comments for the past month. Over two months ago I started having horrible pain on the left side of my face. It’s one of the worse pains I’ve ever felt. And I’ve had back surgery! I’m only 31 years old and feel like my world is just going down hill. I went to see my regular doctor who referred me to the neurologist. He ordered me to get an MRI and put the orders in for STAT. I had the MRI done on Thursday. Received a phone call yesterday that I need to make an appointment within the next two weeks. I’m very nervous. When I called back they were already closed for the day. I’m not sure how much longer I can deal with this pain. I’ve had days where no pain at all. But then I have other days where I get the attacks over ten times. Does anyone have any tips for me? My neurologist has but me on tegretol. They had to decrease my dosage because I couldn’t tolerate the 200 mg. any help would be great. Thanks for listening.

Noelle, 200mg is a low dose and if you were unable to tolerate that (it is a frontline defence TN med) then there are others you can try. These are listed in the FACE PAIN INFO.
I know it feels like the end of the word but believe me it may not be like this forever. I was in agony and barely knew how I could manage my life when I met my new neuro and she has helped me gain my life back.
I am hoping for the same for you.