A quick Query! - i have regular TN attacks - like us all! - but with the more severe ones, i am developing numb patches on my body - the same side as my TN pain. one on my thigh, upper arm and now my forefinger. has anyone else had this happen - my GP isnt very interested and feels it is a trapped nerve

Hello Sam, ask your doctor to check if you have MS
It seems TN has lots of questions without any answers! I have numbness on left side of my face associated with pain attack on right side!

I do get numbness in my arm and into my hand, mainly my little finger. My physiotherapist thinks it’s a nerve issue cause by 4 years of “slumping” posture due to the rest of my issues

Before I developed numbness on the right side of my face, I also had numbness in my left forearm. I have been checked for MS and this has been ruled out. We also checked for Lyme’s, with a negative result. Probably carpal tunnel of some sort.