Nuface for TN

I purchased Nuface for wrinkles but it seems to calm down my TN. Does anyone know why scientifically this would work?

You can see the patent for their product here (since the product page had little info on the technical side)
It seems to be working by applying small electric current to the face. Not sure why that would be helpful :frowning:
From the patent:

Micro current treatments have been shown to increase the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) within the cells of a muscle. For example, a study by Ngok Cheng, M. D. et al (“The Effects of Electric Currents on ATP Generation, Protein Synthesis, and Membrane Transport in Rat Skin,” Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, No. 171, November-December 1982, pp. 264-271) showed that the application of a current of in the order of 50 to 500 microamperes to the skin and underlying muscle of a subject causes an increase in mitochondria and protein synthesis in the muscle, an increase in aminoisobutyric acid uptake, an increase in protein synthesis and Gluconeogenesis (biosynthesis of new glucose) and a 300-500% increase in ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) levels.

Please keep us updated, maybe someone else can try it if this works for you consistently over a long run.


Thank you. Jan Jeffress

Jan, this sounds promising, you will have to keep us updated on it.

Hi Jan
I hope it stays working.
I had bought a Interupt Cold Sore prevention thingy that sort of zaps the pre cold sore.It did not work for my pain.Have to give it to my sister as I do not get cold sores.
Please keep me informed