No Eagles Syndrome

My styloid process and tonsils have been removed and no relief from the pain. It is actually worse. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though it was Eagles Syndrome. Back to my GPN diagnosis. UGH! I am starting a stronger pain medicine this week. It is time released Oxycontin. I am a little scared of the drug. Although I have been on pain medication since August of 2010, I have tolerated it well. But, it's not enough to take the pain away for a few hours. Thought of doubling up but I am afraid it will make me too high and I don't want to run out before refill time. Has anyone ever taken the time released oxycontin? I know we all react to medicines differently but I would really appreciate someones experience using this drug.

have u tried tegretol?

Yes and Tryliptal. I take neurontin and nortryliptal now.

That is supposed to say, Nortriptilene.

Ask for Tegretol and cymbalta.Kept my pain away for 5years,until last week. The pain is there but manageable.Probably have to increase Cymbalta.I am on 60 mg daily.

Hi Denise,

I have been diagnosed with Eagle's Syndrome and I would hate to have the surgery and it not work. What were your symptoms and how did you know it was GPN?