Nightly spasm on youtube please view and let me know if anyone else experiences this. This is a developing problem. I’m due more injections but they r increasingly feel like a sticking plaster. Doctors r not getting to the root of my problems with meds. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks gang x

I’m having steroid injections to the trigger points in my face and occipital nerve. They do help provide relief alongside meds but I’d love to get to the bottom of my troubles!

I started with bells palsy the pain developed from there. My pain began behind my ear. Pain still originates from the same place I have injection there too. Bells palsy is compression of the motor nerve. Its all in close proximity I think! X

Oh thanks Cleo I hope so too! X

Hi Helen, I have never experienced this, it looks most uncomfortable. I agree with Cleo that it looks like hemi-facial spasms. I hope you get this cleared up soon - Feel Better!!...Jodi

Thanks jodi. I spoke to the pain clinic yesterday and they are now talking about injecting botox!!! God I’ll be glam!!! X


Yes you will :) Let me know how it goes, please. I have often thought of doing botox for TN, but have kind of been afraid of the outcome. I know it is different for everyone, but i'd still like to know how it goes.

Hope it works and your feeling better soon!....Jodi