Newer Members, Chutes and Ladders, Acceptance

Chutes and Ladders is a classic kids board game. The goal is to reach the top of the board.Landing on some squares will allow you to jump ahead, while others will send you back down the trail. After nearly a pain free month;meds working so well that even brushing teeth was a breeze (oops breeze can be a bad TN word) a cold, blustery day threw me down the ladder.

It's been a long time since I had to sleep looking straight up at the ceiling. .Turning the head to the left or right generates bad pain. Little dots of slight pain in the cheek increase and then connect to each other in a web-like pattern. I sit up and go through the regular facial contortions and breathing exercises until it relaxes. I put my head back down,hoping I'm over it; but I'm not. I go sit in a chair and sometimes I sleep there. When I stand up and go about my way, the pain nearly disappears. Sometimes, I can fall asleep in the bed but when I do, it returns. "thought I left you,eh?"..The episode goes on for several weeks and then does go away. I haven't had this grim episode in several years.

So New Members, this missive isn't meant to freak you out but to introduce you to the notion of acceptance.It is one of the hardest concepts for us to work through. Like Chutes and Ladders, we go up and down dealing with the Dreaded TN Monster. When I returned to The Pillow Nightmare, I got angry and depressed for awhile before I reminded myself that some kind of acceptance is necessary for us to go on in whichever way we can. Although I experience some type of low level pain continuously ,my meds are mostly effective and I lead a fairly normal life

There is very good info on our site regarding the stages from grief to acceptance. Reading and thinking about the reoccurring stages, the chutes and ladders of TN, are vital in psychologically managing our journey. Take care

That is a good way to look at things. Acceptance is difficult but necessary in order to live a 'normal' life.

Very well said Bll, sorry you fell down the ladder recently…hope things have settled down some. Great analogy, thanks, Mimi xx