New to TN

I am new to the term trigeminal nerualgia. I am in the process of getting diagnosed. I started experiencing jaw pain since last monday(april 22, 2013). I had bad pains that would not go away. I talked with my mother who is a retired nurse and my sister who is also a nurse. I got that it was only the weather. It seems like most of their ailments have to do with the weather. If my big toe hurt, they said it was the weather.:)

But, back to the pain. My jaw pain continued from monday thru thursday. On Friday, April 26, my pain was gone. I thought. On Saturday, April 27, 2013, my husband and son and I followed my daughters school band to SC for a competition. Everything seemed fine. After the competition, we all were headed to Carowinds in Charlotte, NC for some fun and awards ceremony.

My jaw pain came back with a vengence. I read somewhere that jaw and nerve pain can be some of the worst pain a human can experience. I believe that statement with all my heart and soul. My pain became so severe, I could not walk and was in tears. I scared my 10 year old son and husband. The park emts checked me out and then called an ambulance to check me out. Well, I now know my blood sugar, heart, ears and eyes were okay. I was told it was my teeth. That my teeth were bad and I should go to a dentist.

I proceeded through the park and the pouring rain that Saturday. We left around 7pm. My pain had started to come back. I tried to hide the pain from my family. Unfortunetaly, on the way home the pain became unbearable. The worst pain I have ever felt, and I have delivered 2 kids.

The 3 hour trip home was delayed because my husband was worried about me and stopped at the first hospital he came to. We were only an hour from home, but as he put it, I was crawling out of my skin and he was afraid I would jump out of the window.(he was kidding I hope)

After sitting in an er waiting room for 2 hours, a PA in the er came in, looked at me and checked my heart and said it was my teeth. I was sent home with an antibiotic and tylenol3. Well, the tylenol3 did no good. My pain continued.

I went to my family doctor and he gave me a complete exam and found out it is either trigeminal neuralgia or TMJ.

I plan on going to a neurologist as soon as I can get an appointment.

Does anyone have similar symptoms and experiences? If so, help! Feel like I'm crazy and that its all in my head.

What does your pain feel like? Does it feel like sharp stabs or does it feel like an electrical shock?

My pain was radiated from in front of my left ear and radiated along my top and bottom jaw and also over my left eye. The pain is hard to describe, but it was like a sharp electrical shock. The pain intensified over time. The pain also started with no warning.

It's very important that you find a way to describe your pain accurately, as your diagnosis will be largely based on how you communicate your symptoms. As someone asked below, is the pain like quick electrical shocks? Or is it more of a constant aching, burning pain? Different meds help different types of pain. If you're getting shocks, you should ask the doctor about Tegretol or Trileptal. If it's more of a constant, aching, burning pain, you should talk to him/her about trying Amitripytline or Nortriptyline.

You're not crazy and you're not alone. And it's not your teeth. Many, if not most, doctors don't know a lot about TN, so don't get discouraged if it takes you a while to find a knowledgeable doctor. I believe that on the home page here there is a link to a list of doctors recommended by the members of this site.

Good luck and keep the hope. Many people are able to control their pain with the right meds.


In this case your mum and sister could have a point about the weather. I have been dx with TN and one of my triggers is wind or breezes brushing across my temple. I have bilateral pain, dull and boring in nature but with intermittant shock like pains which are worse than labour pains. By the way was only dx last month. Lots of people on this site with more info than I have. They are a great help and give loads of support. Hope you get answer from neuro.

Best Wishes


Oh I can relate to this!! My pain was initially in my ear and temples,but then went to my jaw and teeth. Worst pain ever!!!!! All I could do was cry,but even that hurt!! I have given birth to five children and this pain is almost equal to labour! I have had my teeh checked also,but fortunately the doctor had already suspected TN. I am currently on Tegretol 400mg daily and about to have a brain MRI. I truly hope you find some relief and answers asap. You are not going crazy,you are not a hypocondriac,and you are not alone!!! XO