NEW MEMBERS-Trigeminal Illustrations

Greetings New Members:

From time to time, I post the following site. Put on the kettle, get comfortable and check out the site. You'll never look at someone in the face in the same way again.

If you lose the link later, you can find it on "my page".

Click on to an image and you'll find its source


Thanks FS Bill, I needed this.



Thanks for posting this! I selected a pic to print and wrote a description of my pain on it. I was referred to a new Dr. and was apprehensive about not being taken seriously. I added this to the list of questions posted on "Face Pain Info". My intent was to convey to this new Dr. that I have to be as proactive as possible with this condition and that I needed him to be too. I wanted him to know that I had done my homework and would continue to. If I needed to help him get up to speed, I would offer the information that I had. Not wanting to put a dent in any egos, I tried to be very gracious yet covey what I knew about the difference between another article published to Physicians about TN and what I have "lived" for the past 5 years. My relationship with him is far different that any of the previous doctors, and I am thankful for it. I have seen several doctors over the past 5 years and have taken it very personal that they wouldn't help me (although Dr. O has been awesome!) I realize now that they really just didn't know what it was and didn't know how to help me. I feel like I am "gaining on it". The psychological impact that TN has on us is as important to consider as the pain. Our doctors need to be our "first line" of support as well as treatment. I would encourage anyone new to TN to seek out doctors that understand the importance of both.