New here. Weird symptoms

I have pains randomly in throat and deep in the middle of the neck at the collar bone area. The pains that are deep in neck, below my thyroid, is a brief squeezing like, burning sensation that only lasts for a second. I know this does not sound like GPN does it?? I have been told "possible" GPN based on the sharp stabbing pains I have all over back of tongue, both sides of throat. But I feel like so MUCH of the pain is muscular in origin. I feel like my tonsils are cramping sometimes. Anyone similar to me? If so, can you please explain.

Thank you!!


The facial neuralgias (trigeminal, glosso-pharyngial, nervus intermedius, etc) are often associated with compressions of a nerve by blood vessels. Similar compressions of different nerves can cause strong facial tics or spasms, called "hemifacial" spasm. With the distribution of sharp, stabbing pain you describe, it seems likely to me that you do have glossopharyngeal neuralgia. But it may not be the only thing going on. It may be that you also have compressions of other motor nerves which branch from the brain stem. That's a question to ask your physician, I think.


Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst and Moderator

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