New Doctor, New Drugs

My last blog post was about feeling like I was going on a blind date the day before my first appointment with my new neurologist. I am pleased to say that the "date" exceeded my expectations.

From his dark velvety skin to his soft empathetic eyes and his lilting accent....... no, wait, we're talking about doctoring here, and I'm a married woman.

I actually felt like he listened to me. Seriously listened, not half-assed listened while checking his email. We talked about the trouble I was having getting onto a 1200 mg dose of Neurontin, and that my new family doc had switched me to Lyrica. When I told him about the breakthrough pain he adjusted my dosage and might add a low dose of Tegretol back in.

Here's the really big and exciting part...

I told him about my never-ending fatigue that I've suffered from for the past ten years or so, and my concern that adding medication might leave me unable to work. I want to work, I have to work, I'd go crazy at home. I enjoy co-owning a small business and having to keep things running smoothly. I also drive a few hundred miles a day, and have to make snap judgments and think on my feet.

He listened, and he prescribed something call Amantadine to see if it would help. I've never had a doctor do that before.

I'm trying the Amantadine, and haven't made up my mind if it's a good thing or not. The first day I took it I thought I was going to die. The second day was uneventful for me because I slept all day.

The past few days I've been getting up on my own without anyone having to poke me with a sharp stick a few dozen times. I've always slept like the dead, but now I'm waking up before everyone else. I haven't been taking an afternoon nap. I don't even feel as foggy. It might be a fluke, it might be the new meds, I'll keep track for a while to see.

Anyway, I think this guy might be a keeper.

Oh Tina! Love your sense of humor! We have to laugh though don’t we?; )
I’m so pleased that you felt listened too! That’s half the battle!
I hope the new med helps, remember to give it time…same with the adjustment in your doses…it’s a fine dance…
Hope things are on the upswing for you!!
(( hugs )) Mimi