New and frustrated

Hello- I have only been battling the pain, burning, numbness for 2 years. Had root canals & 2 teeth pulled. Have been seeing a pain management doc and taking gabapentin, muscle relaxer and amitriptiline. Mostly annoying pain only 3-4 days a week but not lately.

In last 2 weeks, pain has been increasing in duration and intensity. Doc had me increase the amount of same meds? I see this may work but in the meantime, I am miserable. I can’t chew, talk, smile or kiss my kids. I am frustrated and annoyed. Btw my pain is constant so think ATN.

I am uncomfortable asking for prescription pain meds because I do not want doc to think I am faking just to get narcotics. Funny that I get relief duri g the hour I exercise in the am and for the hour after.

Anyone else have thoughts on asking for narcotic pain meds? Because this has gone on so long, pain is worse that c-sections!

Thanks! AnnoyedInAZ

Many patients report better pain management when they engage in regular light exercise. Any activity that promotes endorphins in the blood stream is likely to do that for some people. You're fortunate to be one of them.

There is an extensive discussion on site about the use of opioid drugs, Annoyed. Run the keyword "Opioid" in the search box at the top right of this page.