Neurologist won't prescribe pain medication

Yesterday my wife after brushing her teeth was in extreme pain so she called her neurologist and asked if she could have lidocaine mouthwash ordered or lidocaine patch. She was told by her neurologist she did not prescribe pain med and that she would have to contact her primary care Dr. So we went to an urgent care to get my wife some relieve. I told my wife it’s time to get a new neurologist because this one has no idea what she is doing or has not treated anyone with TN

Yes, you are Get a new neurologist. In the mean time, ask her pcp to prescribe the mouthwash and the patches. They are not pain meds per se..they just numb.

Hope you guys find someone to help you soon


I agree!!! I was guna chime in and say go to a urgent care but as I read farther u did exactly that! I had to go to one too cuz ive been having trouble getting my meds no one understands this is a long term ordeal one months worth isn't going to cut it thankfully the las doc I saw was a bit familiar with the disease and gave me almost a years worth I was very thankful. But yah find a new doctor theres a list on here of some. But when I call them I tell them straight up whats wrong with me.

Neurologists are not trained to prescribe pain medications, and yes, I have seen where they are leery to do so as a result. I find my pcp is the best one to go to for the pain issues.


I’m sorry to hear that your wife is in so much pain. I live in CA and until my current neurologist; no one would prescribe anything for the pain. They would say just take advil, which shows how little they know about TN as advil doesn’t help TN. My primary care doctor didn’t want to prescribe anything as they would say the neurologist should be prescribing it. Luckily, my current neurologist is willing to prescribe narcotics for the pain, but he is the first doctor since I was diagnosed six years ago that will prescribe anything for the pain.

Is it possible for her to find a new neurologist?