Neurologist is of no help to me

Today I spoke with my Neurologist's nurse who promptly informed me that I am now to refer any concerns or questions to my primary. She did say that he does not think I have typical TN, which only leaves atypical correct? This is what I thought all along anyway. She also tells me that he wrote my primary a note telling her he thinks I am already on too many pain meds (good thing he isn't my pain management Doctor, huh?) And he supposedly offered some tips on controlling my pain. Apparently he does not want to hear from me again. And I thought my Neurologist would help control this condition, ha ha, not him!

So, next I called the primary's office to see if she would raise my Tegretol dose and possibly read this note from my Neuro, to which I was told that they do not even have his note yet and that I should just come to see her, only she isn't in either, she is gone on medical leave of some sort, so I am seeing an associate Wed. 15th in the am.

However, I was told about a surgeon who is well versed in TN by a new friend on here, and he is close by to me. So when I see this gal on the 15th I will go armed with the brilliant note written by Red, and beg for a Neurosurgeons consult!

I know it seems soon for me as I was only diagnosed recently. But you see, I just cannot imagine living this way for too long, and I thought the pain from my Fibromyalgia and Arachnoiditis were bad, but this pain has completely taken over my whole body, mind, and soul! It has calmed down some since I was placed on the Tegretol, but my doses are still low from what I have been told. And I would really like to get off all this Tylenol and Aspirin I am currently using to keep this pain at bay.

I am extremely thankful to God for finding you all when I did, this site and all the wonderful folks here have truly been a Godsend to me and I love you all dearly for all the support I have received!!!