My Sanctuary

The living room at our house never gets used. Mainly because we have the MOST uncomfortable couch ever invented! I've been dreaming about getting a new one and burning this one,,,,,that's how uncomfortable it is. Unfortunately we've never really been able to afford new furniture, especially now with all my medical bills. So my husband and I mostly live in our bedroom. Which means I am sick to death of my bed. It also means that I am constantly disturbing my husband with my incessant rocking back and forth when pain strikes. It's not that he minds, he's a sweetheart. I mind, he's our soul moneymaker at this point and I need him to get some solid sleep at night. So I started dreaming about a rocking chair. Just get rid of the horrible piece of junk couch we have and make myself a nice relaxing sanctuary. I went to craigslist just to see what I can find and low and behold there was a super cushiony ( <---is that even a word?) beautiful rocker/recliner. Almost brand new and all they wanted was $70. I am proud to say that it is now mine! And I'm gonna be hauling an ugly a$$ couch out onto the lawn tomorrow and having a bonfire. There might even be s'mores. Then I'm gonna move my beautiful new rocker/recliner into it's place right next to the window, also a cd player to play relaxing music, some candles and my heating pad and I'll be set. A beautiful sanctuary that will hopefully help me deal with the worst of the pain.
Isn't it pretty!!!!

Good for you!! It looks very comfy!
I’ve been housebound for almost a year, and switch my sanctuary from the living room to the family room which is really called “my room” as I’ve decorated it in my taste and all my books are there. I switch between the two to keep me sane, I try to avoid my bedroom.
It’s soooo important to create our own spaces “sanctuaries” to help us through the never ending pain and medication side effects.
I hope you find much peace in your special chair and enjoy creating your new space.
(( hugs)) Mimi

So happy you’ve built your ‘retreat’…enjoy!!!

Glad you got your “rocking chair”. I hope you find some peace there. It looks very snuggley.

Wow!! What a great chair!! It looks very nice & cozy!! Let us know when you have the couch fire!! :slight_smile:

You make me smile...Thank you!

Enjoy it to the fullest....ever try an electric throw ?...they are awsome too