MVD Surgery Scheduled for July 9 and question

So MVD is scheduled. I am scared and hoping for the best. I think the hardest thing will be not being able to pick up my youngest for at least three weeks.

I have so many questions to ask my neurosurgeon at the consultation, but at least one I wanted to ask here. How much, if any of your hair needed to be shaved for the operation? I have really long hair, and I'm thinking of getting it cut short and donating the rest to a cancer charity. Will there be a large shaved patch on the side?


hi RueAnn, go visit my page by clicking on my picture, scroll down to my photos and you’ll see my recent MVD incision. I have longish hair to my shoulders and they only shave a small section under my hair behind my ear. no one can tell if my hair is down.

all the best of wishes for your surgery, feel free to message me if you have any questions. I posted all about my experience in the MVD group.
(( hugs )) Mimi
The above link has pictures of mvd incisions from some of our members.

Thank you Mimi! That helped a lot!