Mvd surgery on the 10th

Cant wait its being done at Hoag hospital in newport beach in Ca by Dr Christopher Duma he even agreed to video the procedure and post it on youtube for me I got the idea cause he has posted other ones for mvd this will be my fourth surgery in this 12 year span to fix this ,touncils out ,adnoids removed,right styloid process for eagles syndrome removed now this ,appreciate reading every ones storys on here I will defiantely post how it goes and add a link to the video

Good luck, may you wake up pain free!

You are brave! I will look forward to the viewing?!?! Expect the worst but don’t own it, seemed to have helped me. My throat is still weak, but recovering. A side effect I hadn’t anticipated as I had no symptoms there prior. Otherwise, procedure was less then I had feared. Sutures removed yesterday. Seems I was told no shampoo for two weeks when I actually could have. Left my pride behind for this one. Just rest and claim the victory!

Thanks guys its been great reading your storys I posted 2 videos on youtube just now kind of talking about my story a little,and symptoms also for people with eagles syndrome Im hoping to make another video after the operation im guessing a couple weeks out,Did you guys or anyone on here have a chronic sinus condition im hoping the mvd might help with that since i saw a branch hits the carotid sinus search in the tool bar on youtube (eagles syndrome,glossopharyngeal neuralgial)there is the first video and part 2 im wearing a grey hoodie ,got to worn you im no Sean Connery but I know both this condition make you obessed with any information Vicdoc are you back to work yet? Im planning 3 to 4 weeks off but do construction ,God Speed

I went back to work at much reduced load at about 2 weeks, a mistake in retrospect... I should have just taken 2 months off. You will be tired, more than you expect.

Just back from the hospital today made it safely threw procedure a lot more intense then I expected it .right ear really muffled will report back soon after a couple days rest.I was woken every hour to go threw a quick neuro excersise, what’s my name ,what hospital I’m I I’m ,what’s the date , squeeze my hands move my feet,only slept 45 min night before surgery which made this even more difficult I feel it has worked but I’m so out of it still the longest stretch of sleep I got was 1hour 30 min before I got woken up by someone or Iv noises lot more then What I was expecting wright back once I get some real rest glad I did it though

Hang in there. No matter how small the hole in the skull that is made, it's still brain surgery, and it takes a while to get better. Just don't get frustrated about the slow pace of recovery.

Thanks Vicdoc

Congrats! The hardest days are behind you! Praying you have hands to help with meals and such. Focus on resting and building strength.

That is SO generous of you. I hope your recovery goes well. Sending white light your way.

I just watched your videos. Good for you for not giving up. I’m praying that your MVD did the trick and that once fully recovered from it you will be free of pain. Keep us posted when you feel up to it.

Looking forward to the surgery video…

The recovery is slow it’s kind of hard to tell what has been fixed since there are new healing pains to deal with now it seems to have worked but with normal migraines and surgery pains healing I can’t completely tell I see my dr this Thursday and will be getting my video then, hope to post it by Friday he said when he opened me there wasn’t a artery compressing like he thought but a lot of scar tissue around it he removed before added the Teflon I’m really interesting in watching it ,feel kind of shell shocked but should have a good amount of healing and the video by this weeks end thanks everyone for your support I would still do it again as of now but the strong meds and steroids they got me on and lack of healing time makes it hard to know we’re I stand.

Feeling pretty good today everything is healing slowly but the nausea feeling is starting to subside made a 3 part to my video in this part I point out my styloid process on a panoramic x ray tooken by a oral surgeon with more detail,I also had eagle syndrome on the right side when the styloid process was removed 2 years ago I still suffered from gpn on the same side I feel these 2 rare conditions have something in common and since it took me 10 years just to get the eagles diagnoses correct that my video on you tube might help people rule this out (by themselfs) a panoramic X-ray cost between 150 to 300 from any oral surgeon it was the 4th oral surgeon that spotted the eagle syndrome and even with the panoramic and diagnoses in hand a Ent ordered a medical x rays and a ct to tell me I don’t have eagles the only reason I found out I had Gpn was from bens friends and the internet so the more info the better right,seeing my surgeon tommorrow and getting my mvd surgery video take care the only symptom I still feel now is the cool sensation when I breath in my right ear feels amazing it feels almost numb but I wonder if that is just what a normal ear should feel like and it’s hurt for so long still glad I did the surgery hang in there people

Thank you for posting! Very informative, high interest! You look well! Take it slow. I am just 30 days post op. Still tire from talking. Intubation taxed my throat. Still shaky. Building strength Looking forward to the MVD video post. May all this be behind you!! No more pain or suffering. It is finished!!

To all of you who are recovering from surgery. I want to encourage you to hang in there. The worst is over and the healing process will not be as long as the time agonizing in pain. Keep your chin up. I am really pulling for all of you. My best to all !!!!

Thanks, Nancy Jo. I have to agree, as slow as the recovery is, and how weak my voice can be as well as the fatigue, it was all worth it.

Thank you Nancy Jo! Holding tight to the your words!

Ok I got the surgery video up as part 4, The weird thing is once I was open the doctor saw no compression but did notice alot of scar tissue which he removed before packing me with Teflon ,He said he saw are artery compressing it on a Mri which is why we went forward with the surgey.My ear pain is gone ,under tounge feels better I still feel a cool sensation when I breathe in on right side but hope that might heal,I never got shocking pains though just a constant dull burning under tounge,ear pain and throat that was always there.back to healing take care