MVD or Rhizotomy/Sectioning

Who here had MVD or Rhizotomy(Cutting Nerve)? If so which of those procedures did you get and did it turn out successful? Im going in for my procedure in a few weeks and was hoping to gain insight as to how yours faired out.

I have GN - not GPN, but I had MVD to correct it. They were going to perform a Rhizotomy, but couldnt access the nerve without cutting more bone. After the surgery I was 100% pain free, and besides a few minor "twinges" of pain that last for barely 3 seconds, I am pain free.

I have read many places that cutting the nerve may do more harm than good. It is something you really need to be careful with, since there is no undoing it.

I wish you well in your surgery, but I really reccomend attempting the MVD first, and if you still have the issues to go back for the Rhizotomy.


MVD for me 18 months ago, successful so far except for occasional minor twinges…

I had MVD, the thought of a Rhizotomy just made me too nervous. I had relief for almost 4.5 years, but it has returned, so I’m looking into what I can do. However, I still don’t think I would go with a Rhizotomy. In my case the sound of my voice and my ability to speak is affected when I have an episode. I sounded like I was deaf the 1st go around - had a Neurologist insist I was deaf, even though my husband and I both told him I wasn’t. This time I sound more like I have a British accent, which I’m sure upsets my passed-on Scottish Grandparents! I’m too afraid I’ll loose my voice permanently with a Rhizotomy.

Would I do a MVD again over a Rhizotomy knowing that it would come back? Yes, In a heart-beat!


I am looking for the same answers. please keep me updated.



I had the Rhizotomy or sectioning of the GPN nerve. No choice was given all those years ago. I have constant burning in my throat, neck and shoulder. When I read some of the post opp diary's it was like I was reliving the opp and pain I experienced so I stay well away from those now. Beneficial for some I guess pre surgery but really every case is so different. I am what some refer to on this web site as a Horror Story. Not at all really, just my reality and what I live with every day. Some days I don't feel positive, but I use every spiritual tool I have gathered over the years to stay afloat. This site surely is not about positive posts all the time. That is not reality if you are truly one who suffers this, at times totally debilitation, condition. So good luck tjones90. You posted in May. It is now late September and I am wishing you a great outcome. Worrier Woman