MVD Operation on Thursday

Hi I am going into hospital tomorrow for MVD on Thursday i am getting nervous now as dont know what to expect, can anybody give me any do’s and dont’s they were told for after the operation?

Hi Kym I cant help because i have never been through an MVD, but all the best for Thursday xxxxxx

Thanks xxxx

I was very nervous as well. I didn't go into the hospital as early as you are, I went in the morning of, so I can only tell you what happened to me the morning of surgery. I was taking to a private pre-op room where they had me change into a gown (all clothes off including underwear), checked my vitals and they had me sign paperwork. Lots of it. Consents mostly. I met with my neurosurgeon, the anesthesiologist, his assistant nurses, an audiologist and a few other nurses. They all had me say what I was getting done to confirm the paperwork and they each explained what their job would be in the operating room. The neurosurgeon then signed with a marker the side that I was having surgery on. (He signed behind my left ear.) You would normally have an IV started there but I was a special circumstance and already had IV access when I got to the hospital. They brought my family in to say our goodbyes then one of the anesthesia nurses said she'd give me something in my IV to relax me. All I remember is saying "I feel like I drank a bottle of tequila" and then I was in the recovery room. After I was awake enough I was taken to Intensive Care. After surgery I think I slept for a week only waking up every now and then to use the restroom or eat. I could not shake off the sleepiness and I was told that was normal. My doctor only allowed me to wash my hair 5 or 7 days after surgery. It's kinda blurry for me.

DO take a neck pillow or something to support your neck when you sleep. Someone on this site told me that and it was the best advice ever. Your neck might be extremely sore after surgery. Putting ice on it really helped me. I also asked for a muscle relaxer and that made it even better.

You will do fine. Ask them as many questions as you feel you need to and they will reassure you. If I think of anything else, I'll post it. I posted all I went through on the MVD group. My surgery was on Nov 5 so you have to look around that date.

Thanks for your comment its appreciated x

I haven't had MVD, but I wish you all the best! HUGS!

I hope all went well with surgery. My prayers are with you.