More pain when I sit

I have more pain when I sit, it's weird when I am moving about my pain can be lower grade, but when I sit to eat or relax. It hurts allot and I get allot more attacks. I don't understand it. Does this happen to anyone else? Also My SCALP hurts it feels sore like I bumped my head, isn't that weird? I have had that for years. It used to feel sore right before a migraine. I don't get migraines anymore after I have had constant pain. My pain started out with the crazy lighting shocks, but this time they are intermittent, it's more burning and feels like a cramp in my jaw right before the burn. Anyway would like to hear if other have experienced this?

Hi Ms Minny,
I too have the sore scalp feeling, as if my hair was pulled really hard, at times too. I have has constant burning in certain areas f my scalp for years, but did not start with the lightning bolts until Dec 2011. I have been diagnosed with bilateral ATN, and am having MVD on the 25 th of this month. I am on Gabapentin, which has helped a great deal with the shocks ( I am allergic to Tegretol), but it doesn’t do very much for the burning.
Hope you are feeling better.

i find that when i am doing something i am in less pain but when i'm sitting there dwelling it is worse. I just posted something about my scalp mine was feeling like razor blades were cutting along it then sometimes it feels severlly bruised when i touch it only for the pain to then dissapear...strange. i have a problem with severe headaches but it came with the facial pain didn't have them before this

Christine and jstagrl29 I am so sorry your going through this it is so hard. I know! Christine I too became allergic to Tegretol from the 1st time I took it.. I wish you lots of success with the MVD. I hope only the very best results for you. I can't imagine having bilateral ATN, how painful. again I hope it all works out for you.

jstagirl: I can be totally enthralled in a book or a movie while sitting and I get allot of pain. I get less pain if I am cleaning (go figure!) or cooking you know just stuff around the house. I'm my husband's caregiver so I am very busy running errands or cleaning or cooking something. Yes, I understand the bruised part and then some days it's just not there. I think I'm going to keep a journal, because since taking Gabapentin I can't remember a darn thing!.