Mood swings

does anyone suffer from bad mood swings when suffering bad TN pain?

i find myself lashing out at my husband when i am in a lot of pain. i find the guilt almost as hard to deal with as the pain

also, does anyone find difficulty in moving limbs when experiencing pain in arms/legs?


I think it's normal to have bad mood swings with any kind of pain. I am also having mood swings because of the meds. I am on trileptal and find I can't control my anger. I never get really angry but a few weeks ago a guy who was trying to get signatures for something wouldn't leave me alone and I really screamed at him (I;m SICK). And I mean I SCREAMED. It was awful, I felt so bad for the guy. I have never done that before. But on the other hand I felt physically awful. The other day I got so angry I started to throw things in the garbage. I hated everything and wanted it gone. I swear I was going to throw out everything in the kitchen before my husband calmed down. I get mad at him for the smallest thing. Like leaving the kitchen floor wet or the cutting board in the sink because I am not in any shape to go out and buy a new one when this one swells and have already replaced two. Then I feel guilty because he does everything already. The guilt is almost bad as the anger. I don't know what to do.

you poor thing, its like living in a catch 22 situation isnt it? you dont want to lash out but you have no control over it and need some sort of release.

my husband doesnt know if he is coming or going and i have done well in recent weeks to try and keep my temper in check but this past week it has been awful. i am so glad i have come across this site as i now feel better knowing that there are peopple out there to talk to who understand.

When I was taking Trileptal, my friend would ask me if I was on the "f-you" pills. That's the way it was...I was very irritable and would over-react in anger. It is definitely a side effect of the meds.

I have to make a few things correct on my last post. My husband had to calm ME down and I should say I never got angry before this med. Now I get REALLY angry for no reason at all.

They are F U pills.

Pain makes be very irratable (sp?) at the smallest things. I wonder if I'll have a kitchen left after being on these things after 6 months.