Meds made from Marijuana

There are medications that have been made from the marijuana plant. The part that makes you high was taken out (THC), and what's left is a great painkiller and anti-nauseant. Those who are allergic to opiates such as codeine and morphine would benefit from these. You can often get your Dr. to write a letter to get your insurance to cover it, if you are allergic to all painkiller alternatives. It's a small pill.

Another that is made from the Cannabis plant is Sativex.

Sativex is a drug available in Canada for nerve pain. Right now it is only approved for M.S. patients. I am trying to find out how to get it approved for OUR nerve pain. It is a spray that you spray on the inside of your cheek, where it sinks into the blood vessels there.

It is distinct from all other pharmaceutically produced cannabinoids currently available because it is derived from botanical material, rather than a synthetic process.