Meds for TN 2

I had MVD in Dec. of 2012. I have been pretty much pain free until the last few months. I have started having some pain. It is not the sharp jabs like before surgery, but more of a constant aching in my ear and neck. Going to the doctor tomorrow to see what he suggests. Anyone have any meds that work well for this. I don't want to get on really strong meds because the pain is no where near as bad. Has anyone had any experience with Topamax ? Thanks for any suggestions. Thinking it might be TN 2 ??

I'm so sorry to hear that you are facing this again.

I have bilateral ATN. I was on Amitriptyline for a year and now am on Nortriptyline. Both have helped me a lot.


Could be occipital neuralgia. That is where my pain is and my neuro diagnosed me with o.n. I get steroid nerve blocks to help with the pain. All the best with finding a treatment.

I took Topomax and it worked pretty well for the ATN pain I was having. I discovered it by mistake, because I was actually taking it for migraines. I noticed the weightloss side effect, so I tried to taper off then I noticed the ATN pain. I didn't know what ATN was so I went to the dentist and had an unncessary root canal. When my teeth wouldn't stop hurting, and the dentist told me there was no infection, I finally saw a doctor. The only time my teeth didn't hurt was when I took the Topomax. I finally saw a neurologist who diagnosed me with ATN. Anyway, I was losing too much weight so I switched to Tegretol. I lost 72 lbs in a year from Topomax. I needed to lose weight, so I welcomed it at first. But I am 5'9 and once my weight got to 135 I started to worry. It appeared I would never stop losing weight and I was only taking 50mg of Topomax at the end and was still losing weight. Anyway, good luck with the Topomax. I hope it is exactly what you need. I don't think everyone loses too much weight. Only some people do. For me the Tegretol is working great and I've gained a few pounds back.

I have bilateral ATN. before I got the correct diagnosis, I was put on Topomax. I eventually took up,to 400 mg a day, but it never worked consistently well on relieving the ATN pain. I am allergic to Tegretol, so I was given gabapentin. It did help dull the pain somewhat, but I never got complete relief.
Good luck to you!