Meds Do Not Expire

I know we all have quite a bit of medication around the house, be aware that the “expiration” dates on your tablets and capsules are bogus. ( A study done over the summer of 2017 found that 90% of the 100 medications tested were still good, good being full strength, 15 years after the expiration date.

This is different for liquids and compounds, but in general those are also fine for years after the “expiration” date, they just slowly lose their potency. They’re still effective long past the date on the package.

I know where I work we automatically put an expiration date on the label of one year out from the prescription date. Technically this has nothing to do with the medication in the bottle, it has more to do with the fact that the prescription is expired, not the medication. I’m not even sure how it came about that medications were given expiration dates. Of course, I feel that way about Twinkies, too. Why do those now have an expiration date? Geesh.


Thanks for sharing, I have often felt that they were good for a long time after. Also a lot of foods also.

I had the two nerves (2 & 3rd) of Trigeminal branch totally cut at ganglion (at root) result absolute numbness with permanent relief from pain. The first branch was spared so there is sensation left on the upper eye lid and head. But no pain at all. Since you are already having numbness with pain persistence you should ask the surgeon what type of surgery you have had. May be they have just crushed the nerve, in which case the nerve regenerates after sometime & pain returns. AD suggests that.

Hi Yakub
Who did your surgery?
Sounds interesting.

Hi Ellen
I had this surgery in 1965 in Bombay India. Tegretol or Gabapentin was not known than nor MVD. Dilantin but dint work with me… I could not bear pain & decided to go for craniotomy. I was explained that the surgeon will cut the 2nd & 3rd branch which will result in permanent pain-relief but also with lasting numbness. Lots of other invention like MVD, gamaknife surgery, Radiofrequency, alcohol injection etc have been practised but I see that none of them has given permanent elimination of pain. It was hard time getting used to permanent numbness on half of my face & cried for days but than got used to it. This type of surgery should b used as a last resort when ev thing has failed including meds. If I had a choice at that time I would have certainly tried MVD first.

Too funny!

Seriously, Azurelle, this is a really interesting post, and thank you for including the source. Yes, and I agree with what you say about food too. “Best before” means exactly that: best before. It doesn’t mean poisonous after. Quality deteriorates, and the rate of deterioration will vary with how it’s stored etc. I used to teach food prep, and the number of students who would have a coronary if they found a jar of pickles in the pantry a week past “best before” always amused me. Honestly, I think some of them would have called the hazmat team!

I know! Years ago I recall an exposé on Sell By and Best Before dates and what they mean, if anything, especially when the package hasn’t been opened. I think 20/20 did it back when they still did actual news.

I will say the only date I respect is the one on eggs. Why? Because I met a lady who grew up into the family egg business and she told me to respect that date as eggs are in transit a long, long time before hitting the shelf. Kinda gave me pause, actually, when the person making the living off the item is telling me not to buy it. She said to buy from a local stand if possible (I was living in the country then).